Can't Fix STUPID! How DUMB and TOOTHLESS can the IRS get?

In previous videos, Freedom Law School has demonstrated that “The IRS is MOSTLY BLUFF”. In this presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, the founder of Freedom Law School, further delves into how powerless the IRS is, and how incompetent most IRS employees and operations are, not even able to get the SIMPLEST tasks done right. No amount of IRS budget increases can fix these problems!

Featured below are two perfect examples of how the IRS does things without much rationale. They are not a high and mighty entity that so many people make them out to be. The IRS is run by simple people needing an income to pay their bills, just like you and I.

This letter, provided to us, was sent four months AFTER this individual submitted their CHANGE OF ADDRESS. An “inquiry” that requires no “action” nor “response,” as the letter states. This proves that it is obviously, again, computer generated. Even better, the IRS sent it to…. THE OLD ADDRESS.

Change of address letter that was sent from said person:

This photo below is a computer generated response, like most of their documents & letters they send out. A lot of the letters that instill fear in people and make them think that they are onto them for deficiencies, not filing taxes and such, are completely computer generated. To view our great article on letters of progression to inform yourself on which letters you need to respond to, versus not, click here.

On this second document, we can see that the IRS sent a letter to another individual, having sent their amount due to COLLECTIONS. This is not the correct process.

As you can see, there is really not much to fear. There is little competency and power here.