Restore Freedom Plan Agreement

Please read this Agreement carefully before filling in the Application.
Never agree to or sign documents you do not understand!

If anything seems unclear, call Freedom Law School so that you understand all the benefits your membership provides, and your responsibilities to maintain full protection.

The purpose of the Restore Freedom Plan and its membership is to join hands as Americans in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America, and to follow the letter and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as written and designed by America’s founding Fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.


Freedom Law School (FLS) agrees to provide to the purchaser (FLS Student) of the Restore Freedom Plan (RFP), the following:

  • Educational materials on freedom, justice, law, and procedure, which will assist the FLS Student in thoroughly understanding their protected rights and the proper method of asserting and defending said rights.
  • Multiple Petitions to Congress
    Freedom Law School has prepared three Petitions to Congress (PTC’s) seeking Congressional oversight of the deception, misapplication, and undue collection of federal individual income taxes, employment taxes, and self-employment taxes by government renegades against the people of the 50 United States who have no income effectively connected to the District of Columbia or the federal government.

    These PTC’s and highlighted attachments are based on and taken directly from official federal government sources, such as the Internal Revenue Code from the Office of Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives, U.S. Supreme Court opinions recorded in the United States Reports from the U.S. Supreme Court or the Library of Congress, and Treasury Regulations from the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO). FLS will certify the mailing of your signed petitions to the U.S. representative for the district of your residential address and the two U.S. senators representing your state.

    FLS will also file your signed documents in our archives for use as needed for your legal defense.
  • All IRS paperwork prepared for you

    FLS requires that you email, fax or mail to FLS in a timely manner a copy of any and all correspondence related to federal, state, or local income tax related issues. FLS will review the correspondence and if necessary prepare a proper response letter, form, or other written communication.

    FLS will then timely email to you any and all necessary responses. You will need to print, sign, and send to the IRS, third parties, or other federal government authorities the response as instructed by FLS, providing a copy to FLS. This will keep the IRS from stealing your money or taking away your freedom through criminal charges.

    FLS at FLS’s discretion will contract with accountants, CPA and attorneys, as needed to perform any of the above functions for you.
  • Unlimited consultation with one of Freedom Law School’s trained activists and/or founder Peymon Mottahedeh, as needed.

    FLS trained activists have many years of experience in business and taxes. The activists are often able to spend more time with you than Peymon can, and will usually consult with Peymon afterward to verify that their response was accurate. This is an important part of the building up of Freedom Law School’s knowledge base and succession plan.

    However, if you are ever unsure that your question was answered correctly or that your concern was addressed in the best possible way, you can always schedule a consultation directly with Peymon, who has over 25 years’ experience assisting FLS Students with their income tax and freedom law-related issues, and even more years of experience with related financial, business, real estate, and legal issues.

    An FLS activist will ask questions and get all the relevant documents from you before your consultation with Peymon.
  • 100% Guarantee

    When you lawfully and correctly stop filing 1040 Income Tax "confession" forms as directed by FLS and do all of the above in previous paragraphs and timely maintain and pay your annual membership dues, FLS will guarantee that IRS will not steal any of your property by Levy or Notice of Levy. This guarantee is for each calendar year, for all unfiled, non-federal income, from the start of your Restore Freedom Plan membership.

    If the IRS takes any of your property by Levy or Notice of Levy, FLS will, within 30 days of receipt of the written proof that your property was stolen by the IRS, reimburse you the equivalent of the IRS stolen funds in Federal Reserve Notes, Gold, or cryptocurrency, at FLS’s choice.

    State income tax revenue agency issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For a state that has an income tax system that is completely independent of the Federal tax laws and forms, you will file and pay state income tax, as required by state law. At this time the states that we have identified to belong to this category are Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

    For other states with income tax laws or forms based on federal tax laws and forms, FLS will do our best to help you and prepare and email the necessary paperwork to you for timely printing and mailing to the state tax agencies or related third parties.

    In some cases, where the state tax agency may be exceptionally aggressive and lawless (such as California), if you choose to pay or file and pay state income tax to the state tax agency, FLS will assist you in that process as best as possible in a realistic manner. No guarantee applies to any state tax agency work that is done by FLS for you. All FLS work on state tax issues are on a realistic, as best as possible basis only.

    In the rare chance that the IRS threatens you with prison time,
    Freedom Law School will pay all legal costs to keep you free.

    For the tax year on which you would next have normally filed a 1040 Income Tax "Confession" form, FLS guarantees that the IRS will not be able to issue a Notice of Levy on your bank account, pay, commission, or other third-party account, ordering the third party to “seize” or take your property for US income taxes that the IRS may claim you owe (i.e. for every year that you are an enrolled student, this guarantee applies, unless otherwise stated).

    If the IRS were to take your home, automobile, money market, mutual fund, 401(k), IRA or other stock market account, or any other asset that you may own, FLS will reimburse you 100% of the amount the IRS took from you.


  1. IRS orders to “payees” such as banks or stockbrokers with which you have accounts, to steal part of your interest or dividends (IRS’s backup withholding “C” program);
  2. Jeopardy assessments under IRC Section 6861, which are extremely rare and happen only when the IRS believes that you will owe the IRS a lot of money and you are about to take all of your assets out of the 50 United States, forever out of potential reach of the IRS;
  3. IRS “lock-in” letters, which the IRS occasionally and arbitrarily sends employers, telling the employer to steal (“withhold”) the maximum amount from your pay, not because you owe any taxes to the IRS according to the law, but because the IRS and the IRS computer algorithm arbitrarily decided that more money should be stolen (withheld) from your pay, and because your employer is too afraid to disobey the whims of the IRS.

    With these lock-in letters, sometimes the employer through discussion and letters may be persuaded to follow the law showing that the entire withholding scam only applies to people on the federal payroll. However, we cannot guarantee that your employer will see the light on this matter.

    To get some of that stolen/withheld money back, you may need to file 1040 income tax "confession" forms under duress. Or, to avoid the maximum withholding from continuing to be stolen from you, you may need to or choose to start your own business or to change jobs, taking your talents to an employer who respects and values you and your contributions to their company over their F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of the IRS.

    In some cases, your best option may be to sue your employer.  Several years of appeals (and continued maximum withholding) may pass before the lawsuit is successful, and there is no guarantee of success.

Limitations & Conditions

  1. No one is rejected from membership, but those with pre-existing conditions and criminal charges may need to pay additional fees if they wish FLS to handle their pre-existing situation. Call us for more details about your situation.
  2. You will be covered for criminal tax charges in the following cases when following FLS's approved procedures:
  • Furnishing a fraudulent IRS Form W-4 to your employer.
  • Alleged willful failure to file federal, state, or local income tax returns for years in which the student filed no federal, state, or local income tax returns of any kind. (State coverage applies only to states with income tax laws or forms that depend on federal income tax laws or forms.)
  • Tax evasion charges under 26 USC 7201 for filers and non-filers.

    At the first indication of criminal investigation by the government as it pertains to the criminal tax charges, claims must be sent to Peymon Mottahedeh at Freedom Law School’s address and phone number. This coverage does not have a waiting period.

Freedom Opportunity Plan

As soon as you are accepted as a RFP member, even with a payment plan, you are qualified to receive 50% of the first year of membership paid by someone you refer to the RFP. The referral fee will first be credited to any balance due, if any. Any remaining portion of the referral fee can be applied to your next year's membership renewal or sent to you in cash or cryptocurrency. If you prefer to receive cryptocurrency, the type of cryptocurrency (decided by FLS, which uses Bitcoin and Ethereum only) will be paid to you based on the equivalent current value of the U.S. “Dollar” (Federal Reserve Note, or “FRN”).

There is no limit on the number of RFP referrals that you may make and how much you can earn. The only limit is whatever limit you place on yourself and on your activities to share your love of truth and freedom and the nature of the Income Tax Deception with other Americans.

Membership Contribution Rate for Restore Freedom Plan Membership

The membership dues for the Restore Freedom Plan (RFP) are tailored to:

  1. Allow the maximum number of people of all income levels to receive the protections offered by the Restore Freedom Plan, while at the same time...
  2. Raise the necessary funds to expand freedom-oriented activities that are needed to restore freedom, such as:
    a) conducting strategic lawsuits,
    b) creating or supporting freedom news platforms that inform Americans of truth,
    c) strategically supporting the election of local freedom-oriented office-holders such as constitutional sheriffs and prosecutors.

For these reasons, the RFP membership contribution rate for each tax year is based on:

  1. How much you would have unwittingly sent to fund the D.C. "swamp" for the previous tax year, if you had been deceived by the IRS ("It’s Really Slavery") and its parasite tax preparers.
  2. How much Freedom Law School may need to protect you against IRS attacks.

Your contribution for membership covers one calendar (tax) year and is based on a combination of your marital status, number of dependent children age 16 or younger, and the amount and type of your income, whether employment income (often misreported to the IRS by your employer on W-2 forms), self-employment income such as contract or business income (often misreported to the IRS on 1099 forms), or other income such as interest, dividends, capital gains, pensions, Social Security benefits, etc.

Prices are subject to change from one tax year to another based on changes in your income and changes in the federal income tax rates.

Cash (Federal Reserve Notes) or cryptocurrency are accepted forms of payment. Arrangements might also be made to pay in gold or silver coins. If you pay via cryptocurrency, add a 5% convenience fee. At this time we only accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Call for details.

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