Purpose: The purpose of the Restore Freedom Plan and its membership is to join hands as Americans in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America.


Drain the

You will be able to Defund the Federal Government and drain the Washington D.C. Swamp by not filing and paying Federal Income taxes you never owed anyway!


You will be able to call our office, get tax information, answers and clarifications from our experienced freedom activists.


Effective responses to any letters sent by the IRS or third parties such as employers or contractors.

Guarantee that the IRS will not be able to audit your private financial records.


Protection against criminal charges of willful failure to file or income tax evasion.*

You will not go to prison for not filing and paying Federal Taxes by following the law as found on US Governments Legal Official websites that were quadruple checked through your petitions to your congressmen.

Spread the

You will be able to get compensation by sharing our message to others and have them join with our Freedom Opportunity Plan.

You can even join for free as part of our scholarship affiliate program.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Safe | Secure | Legal Protection

100% reimbursement of IRS levies from your paycheck, bank or brokerage accounts
(including cryptocurrency accounts), or home foreclosures.#

Taking Action for Freedom

By joining the Restore Freedom Plan, you can be proud that, like our founding fathers, you are joining hands with fellow Americans, doing your part to restore honest, responsive, limited government to the united states of America.

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

-Benjamin Franklin addressing the Founding Fathers of
America long before the American Revolution was won.

After becoming a member:

*For each year that you do not file and pay federal taxes by following our lawful
and safe methods, the IRS will not be able to put you in prison for not having filed
and paid federal income taxes. If the participation of a CPA and/or attorney is
required, FLS will cover these expenses, as long as you are a member, and:

- You are not a citizen or resident of the District of Columbia;
- You have no income from the federal government;
- You no longer file and voluntarily pay federal income taxes;

This 100% lifetime protection covers any tax year with a filing deadline
after joining Freedom Law School for which you do not file and pay federal
income taxes, and applies for each subsequent tax year for as long as the
student is a non-filing Restore Freedom Plan member.

(#) See the RFP Agreement for specific, rare exceptions.

In a TIMELY manner you:

Follow Freedom Law School's instructions on sending Petitions to Congress.

Verify to Freedom Law School that the IRS has your current mailing address and inform Freedom Law School of any changes to your mailing address.

Forward to Freedom Law School all income tax-related correspondence from federal agencies.

Properly and timely mail responses that Freedom Law School prepares on your behalf to the IRS or other third parties, sending a copy to Freedom Law School.

Follow Freedom Law School's methods, properly and timely, and stop filing and paying federal income taxes.

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