The purpose of the Restore Freedom Plan and its membership is to join hands as Americans in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America.


100% Guarantee

Safe | Legally Sound | Protection

Freedom Law School (FLS) guarantees that the IRS will not levy YOUR property, or FLS will fully reimburse YOU if we lose the case and the IRS takes YOUR property, as long as YOU remain a Restore Freedom Plan member.

Drain the

Without affecting state & local government services such as roads, police, courts, and teachers, YOU can defund the monstrous federal government by not filing and paying federal income taxes YOU legally never owed anyway!

Custom Responses to IRS

IF responses are needed to any letters sent by the IRS, state revenue agencies, or third parties such as employers or contractors, FLS will write the response for YOU.


YOU will be able to call our office, get tax information, answers and clarifications from our experienced freedom activists.

No Tax Prison,

YOU will not go to prison for not filing and paying federal income taxes because YOU will document the law as found on US government's official legal websites that you then triple-check by petitioning your Congressional lawmakers.


By sharing the good news of income tax freedom with friends, family and acquaintances, YOU will get a 50% referral fee for their first year when they join and pay for the Restore Freedom Plan.

Membership Calculation & Application

In a TIMELY manner we ask you to:

Stop filing and paying federal income taxes.

Verify to Freedom Law School that the IRS has your current mailing address and keep FLS informed of any changes to your mailing address.

Forward to FLS all income tax-related correspondence from federal agencies and other third parties.

Properly and timely sign and mail responses that Freedom Law School prepares on your behalf to the IRS or other third parties, sending a copy to Freedom Law School.

Follow Freedom Law School's instructions on sending Petitions to Congress, asking them to show you the law that requires you to file and pay it.

State income taxes may be covered on a state-by-state basis, depending on state constitution and laws.

Restore Freedom Plan Agreement

Take Action for Freedom!

By joining the Restore Freedom Plan, you can be proud that like our founding fathers, you are joining hands with fellow Americans, doing your part to restore honest, responsive, limited government to the United States of America.

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

-Benjamin Franklin addressing the Founding Fathers of
America long before the American Revolution was won.