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Petition U.S. Congress to stop the renegade government insiders from imposing the various federal income taxes.


Read & Mail

By reading and mailing (by certified
mail) these petitions to your three
congressmen, you are:

1) Educating Yourself & Congressmen

You will learn the law and your congressmen that's imposing various federal income taxes on the American people. You are protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees your right to complain (petition) to the government for the beef/complaints to Congress to clean up the US government of the renegades that are violating federal laws and your rights.

2) Making a Record

When you sent the Congressmen your petition and keeping your tracking number, you now have record that they received the petition as proof. Also you'll show this to the jury in case the IRS challenges you and you will WIN the case.

Instructions for Every Petition

After reading the downloaded file thoroughly and making sure you understand it completely, fill in the titles, names and addresses of all three of your members of Congress (the US Representative of your district and the two US Senators for your state, as found on the websites of the US House of Representatives at here and the US Senate at here).

Also, fill in the date and your own name and address. Print the three originals, sign them on the last page of the letter, then mail by USPS certified mail. Make sure to also keep a copy of the signed letters in your files, along with ALL attachments and the certified mail receipt. We also recommend tracking the delivery and once delivered, to save a copy of the confirmation of delivery.

Next, wait sixty (60) days for each of your Congress members to respond to you. If your Congress members are not able to refute your letter with a copy of the law (not a mere citation or reference to the law), THEN go ahead and take the next step.

Unfortunately, the average American has no power over and little influence on public servants in our government. Not only do your members in Congress make little to no time to read, understand, and respond to your letters, but they are most likely too busy raising re-election campaign funds to take notice of your letters.

Your Congress Members will likely:

  1. Ignore your letter altogether (most common)
  2. Have their staff send you a 'politically correct' form letter, thanking you for your correspondence and for expressing your concerns. However, the letter will not indicate that the staff or Congress member are going to do anything about your concerns, or that they even understood your concerns, or that they even read your petition. This is the most common method that Congress members will use to ignore you and the points you made in your letter, without appearing to have ignored you outright.
  3. Send you an IRS publication (IRS publications are NOT law) or refer you to the IRS in some other way. (Again, the IRS does not make the law. The IRS is only authorized to execute laws written by the US Congress.) This is another common method of ignoring you and the points you made in your letter.
  4. Paraphrase a law incorrectly or out of context without attaching a copy of the law; paraphrase or quote a case opinion from a court below the US Supreme Court (called an “inferior court” in the US Constitution), written by a renegade judge who knowingly and deliberately never took the time to address or refute the issues raised in the case by the American citizen; or cite court case opinions ruling on issues that you never argued in the first place.

Send any responses from your Congress members to Freedom Law School through our "Contact Us" page so that we can post them here for all to see. Freedom Law School will do our best to post follow-up letters to the most common responses received from Congress members.

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