Questions Patriots Frequently Ask Us:

Q.) Why did Richard Grant go to jail?

Richard Grant is a former Freedom Law School (FLS) student who stopped filing and paying income tax BEFORE he came to us. The IRS criminally charged Richard, and instead of the lawyer we PLEADED with Richard to get, he hired his own lawyer, ignoring our suggestions.

Unfortunately, Richard’s choice of lawyer, left him unprepared in his defense and in his understanding of IRS procedures, leading Richard to his prison sentence.

Now federal income tax-shills and internet trolls alike try to use Richard Grant’s loss to disprove FLS credibility.

However, with the full truth revealed as well as a plethora of victories, we stand confident with ALL of our students against the illegal collection of the Federal Income Tax.

Q.) How do I stop my employer from withholding from my pay?

It's Easy! We have a very informative page which will show you the steps you need to stop withholding of Federal income tax from your paycheck! Review it here.

Q.) Is it safer for me to file 1040 income tax forms or not to file?

NO! It is actually incredibly risky to file. Even a tax court judge has been sentenced to prison for tax evasion!

Learn about the risks of filing on our educational page, Dangers of Filing Income Tax Returns.

Q.) Why should I join the Restore Freedom Plan?

Protection and peace of mind are the most important reasons to join the Restore Freedom Plan!

It is not just for those that are encased in an IRS investigation already, though we can still help you if this is the case.

The simple way to think of the Restore Freedom Plan is like an insurance plan. We hope you never have to use the full benefits of your membership, but if you do need to, you can find comfort in knowing you have lifetime full coverage.

Q.) Does my Trust, Corporation, LLC, and Partnership have to pay Income Tax?

If your trust, corporation, LLC, and/or partnership is based in Washington, D.C. or does business with the federal government, yes!

Otherwise, your trust, corporation, LLC and/or partnership is not required to file and pay federal income taxes, either. However, you may be subject to state taxes depending on what state you are in, and we are happy to help you navigate that.

The below video explains more in-depth!

Q.) Will I go to prison after I write to my congressmen about the law?

Absolutely not.

Luckily within your First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, you have the right to petition your Congressmembers as much as you would like.

In fact, we do these petitions to keep you OUT of prison!

Q.) How to get others involved into the income tax conversation?

Thank you for asking how to spread the word!

Share the truth about the INCOME TAX DECEPTION
Text or email Freedom Law School's Seven Steps to income tax freedom to your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you know or contact.

Follow Up with them a couple of days later to see how they felt about our Seven Step plan. If they did not start taking the first step yet, gently nudge them about how important it is to do so, and follow up again a couple of days later. Follow-ups are key. People often need gentle reminders to read and watch videos about income taxes. Keep talking to them along each step on the path to freedom!

Reach out to the world, giving them the opportunity to be EDUCATED, FREE and PROSPEROUS, just like YOU!:Follow up, follow up, follow up. Talk to more people. Reach deep down in your heart and let your love of truth and freedom guide you to continue reaching out to find and educate more Americans who also love and seek truth and freedom, telling them about the biggest financial hoax ever perpetrated on the world in known history – the income tax fraud!

So, keep at it, my friends. Know that your perseverance and hard work, when you are coming from a love of truth, will pay off for you, as big as the effort you put into it!

For further assistance, feel free to call (not email or text) Freedom Law School at (813) 444-4800.

Q.) How long has the government kept this information from the American People?

Unfortunately there is a historical record of over ONE HUNDRED years of deception surrounding the necessity and the usage of the income tax payments.

Q.) Why does Freedom Law School only accept cash or cryptocurrency for tuition payments?

You give up your privacy when you use banks instead of cash cryptocurrency.

The US Supreme Court ruled in 1976 that the American people have “no expectation of [financial] privacy” when using banks and bank instruments to conduct financial affairs.

The court also concluded that the American People give up their right to financial privacy “voluntarily” when they use banks. For more information, see our blog article "U.S. Supreme Court says DO NOT USE BANKS, to protect financial privacy".

Q.) Will I go to prison for not filing 1040 income tax confession trap forms?

Surprisingly, per IRS' own numbers, you are far more likely to be convicted of a "tax crime" if you file 1040 income tax confession trap forms than not filing a 1040 form with the IRS. See IRS' numbers here: IRS Proof 

For example, in 2015 3,052 FILERS were convicted, whereas only 167 NON-FILERS were convicted for tax crimes.

Q.) Have you actually had success using this method in court?

MANY successes, in all different forms!

Attempted property seizures, levies, and more stopped in their tracks with the persistence and unique strategies of Freedom Law School.

We are so confident in our successes, that we offer a LIFETIME guarantee. If the IRS successfully steals your hard-earned assets at the fault of Freedom Law School, we will reimburse you in full, period.

Q.) What about State Income Taxes?

This all depends on your state! Some states have no state income tax at all, some states income tax laws and/or forms 'piggy-back' on the federal laws and forms, while other states have income tax forms and laws independent of the federal government. So far, we have only identified a few states as absolutely requiring state income taxes, that being Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Alabama.

We always walk our Restore Freedom Plan members through the best way to approach the income tax laws of your state. Even if you MUST pay state income tax, this does NOT mean you have to pay federal income tax. You are still eligible for all of our plans, regardless of the state you are located in, and we will help you through the process of understanding.

Q.) What Happens if Peymon Dies?

Fear not! For many years Peymon has been accumulating his wisdom and strategies, documenting them, and passing them along to passionate activists and family members that will one day be able to carry on Freedom Law School. You will not be stuck when Peymon passes away.

Q.) If there is no law requiring the average American to file and pay income tax, why did the late-great patriot Irwin Schiff go to prison?

Irwin Schiff was a very honorable patriot to be commended for his work in the Tax-Honesty and Freedom Movements.  Irwin however made mistakes and refused to accept advice from Peymon and others.  While Irwin was technically 100% correct on the fact that there is no law requiring the average American to file and pay income taxes, he did not follow PROCEDURES to protect himself better from the CORRUPT DEEP STATE court systems.  

Freedom Law School provides tools necessary to beat the DEEP STATE in court. Simply put, while technically correct in his legal stance, Irwin was a political prisoner who refused to accept advice/feedback from others.

Q.) Why did Wesley Snipes go to prison for tax crimes?

Wesley Snipes relied on something we warn you about at Freedom Law School: FAKE PATRIOT MYTHOLOGY.  Wesley Snipes did not get a prison sentence from following Freedom Law School's advice.  He relied on the false advice of Eddie Kahn and mailed in a fake, phony, fraudulent receipt to the IRS for taxes he owed, expecting a refund.  However, the DEEP STATE used his conviction to FRIGHTEN THE SHEEP away from "tax protester" arguments.

Q.) Can I claim sovereign citizenship, or does using a ZIP code make me a part of the District of Columbia?  Does my name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS refer to my straw man?  Am I out of the federal government's jurisdiction?

These theories are what Freedom Law School refers to as "BASELESS LEGAL THEORIES" or "PATRIOT MYTHOLOGIES."  With the ease of internet communications, these baseless theories spread like weeds, offering fantasy solutions to common Freedom and Tax Honesty Movement issues.  They sound great, but in reality do not work. Unfortunately, in dealing with the corrupt IRS and US government, there are no "silver bullet" miracle cures.

I do not want to get in touch with the IRS.  I do not want the IRS to know where I live. Can I NOT submit a change of address form to the IRS?

Unfortunately, due to regulations, you MUST submit your current address (which can be a PO box or private mailbox) to the IRS.  The purpose of keeping your address current is to enable you to legally combat actions the IRS may take against you.  If you do not, the IRS can claim, for example, that they sent you collections documents yet you never responded refuting their collections efforts.

I got a letter from the IRS or my state revenue agency and I am freaking out! What do I do?

First, take a deep breath! Know that the IRS is NOT as powerful as they would like you to think. Next, visit our Get Quick Help page to find out answers on if or how to respond, and how to protect yourself from these paper tiger agencies.

Can I travel without a drivers license?

No, you must have a drivers license, license plate, registration, etc. Roads are government built, maintained and funded roads.

Do not buy into patriot mythology. We love promoting freedoms, but some theories, even when they sound well-put, are simply wrong.

Watch below for further explanation!

How about Green Card Holders and income taxes?

If you are a green card holder, you still do not have to file and pay income tax, unless you are a resident of Washington D.C. or you are performing work functions of the federal government.

How do I buy a home without a tax return?

There are Hard Money Lenders that do not care about seeing your tax returns, and there are absolutely ones that are 100% legit!

Watch the below video for detailed info on how to do this. Many of our FLS members have been successful in becoming home owners without providing tax returns.