Freedom Law School BEATS IRS attempt to Shut us down as an “abusive tax shelter”, Without going to court!

IRS apologizes for their “Form Letter” not being properly written!

Over the last 3 years, the IRS has been able to successfully label over 50 freedom-oriented organizations as having been “promoters of abusive tax shelters” and have the courts close down these organizations with “injunction” orders. NONE of these organizations, in our opinion, were promoting any kind of “tax shelter.” Although many of these organizations might not have been accurate in their legal theories, they did not deserve to be silenced by the government due to their incorrect understanding and application of the law and legal procedure.The IRS has simply been abusing these individuals and organizations for their First Amendment protected right to speak, publish and share their opinions and views with their fellow citizens. These people are simply trying to bring about the political change due to these freedom oriented groups' opposition to “official government line” on the issue of the Federal Income Tax.On April 16, 2003, the IRS sent Peymon, President of Freedom Law School, a typical inquiry letter that the IRS sends out to its target/victim organization that it intends to silence. This letter was hand-signed by the Area Director of the Small Business/Self-Employed Compliance Area 14 of the IRS based in Laguna Niguel, California. This letter starts out by making the conclusive statement below:“We have reviewed certain materials with respect to your tax shelter promotion(s) including, but not limited to, Freedom Law School and related promotions. We are considering possible action [against Peymon to close up Freedom Law School] under Sections 6700, 6701, 7402, 7407 and 7408 of the Internal Revenue Code.”This letter demanded Peymon to appear at the IRS office in Santa Ana, California on May 15, 2003 to give private information and documents to the IRS. On May 14, 2003. Peymon wrote and mailed a response letter to the IRS, which the IRS ignored. Then the IRS issued and hand delivered a summons to Peymon on May 19, 2003 to appear and give private information and documents to the IRS on June 2, 2003.On May 29, 2003, Peymon wrote a response letter to the summons which the IRS again ignored. Within the next few weeks an IRS attorney and the IRS agent in charge of Peymon’s case called him on separate times. Both of these IRS employees admitted to Peymon that they did not know if Peymon was conducting an “abusive tax shelter.” Peymon insisted that these IRS employees must respond to Peymon’s letters and the questions that Peymon had posed to them in those letters.Finally on June 25, 2003, the IRS agent in charge of Peymon’s case, M. Steburg, wrote a letter to Peymon which in effect, admits that the IRS was simply conducting a fishing expedition, which it had no basis for. IRS' letter in part states:

“I also understand that you are concerned that we have already made a determination that you are a promoter of illegal “tax shelters.” This is not true. We have simply found sufficient information on the Internet to indicate that you may be promoting illegal tax shelters and that determination is sufficient to warrant further investigation.”

Not only did the IRS admit in the above statement that Freedom Law School is NOT a tax shelter, but the IRS admitted that they were sloppy in sending Peymon a form letter that was poorly worded and needs to be reviewed for correction. The IRS letter continues:

“We want to thank you for pointing out that the impression we give in the statement ‘We have reviewed certain materials with respect to your tax shelter promotion(s) …,’ seems conclusive in that we have already determined that you are promoting tax shelters. We will review standard language contained in Form 1844 to determine whether it should be revised.”So, as you can see, the IRS admitted that they had not sufficiently reviewed their own form letter before mailing it out. As far as we know, Freedom Law School President, Peymon is the ONLY freedom oriented leader to get such a confession from the IRS that the IRS was barking up the wrong tree in the first place.It has been over 14 months since the IRS sent their infamous letter and the IRS has been forced to close its mouth, instead of closing Freedom Law School. We have not talked to them and have not heard a peep from them either. If you know of an organization or individual who is coming under attack as an “abusive tax shelter”, when in fact that the individual or organization is only exercising their First Amendment rights to speak, publish and disseminate their views and opinions, have them contact Freedom Law School so we can help get the IRS crooks and tyrants off of their backs.Isn’t it time that we put a stop to thewholesale abuse of citizens by the IRS? Let’s get educated and take informed action and enjoy our lives in liberty, like we were meant to.Below are the correspondences in chronology order on Freedom Law School’s victory over the IRS.

  1. April 16, 2003 IRS sent an attack letter to Peymon, President of Freedom Law School. This letter was not initiated by an IRS computer or a low-level flunkie at the IRS. This letter was hand-signed by the chief honcho (the Head) of the IRS’s Laguna Niguel Office. The letter erroneously concluded that Peymon is a promoter of an abusive tax shelter. Can you feel the threatening and unforgiving tone of the letter? For example, note how the May 15, 2003 meeting date is set and that the IRS claims the meeting time will not be changed. This is how arrogant and bossy our public servants have become, in which they think they can arbitrarily contact us and set arbitrary deadlines for us to come and meet them at their whim!
  2. May 14, 2003 Freedom Law School responded to IRS’ letter dated April 16, 2003. Peymon calls the empty bluff of the IRS on not being able to change the meeting date, their false assumption/conclusion that Peymon is a promoter of an abusive tax shelter promoter and asks some questions of the IRS public servants to clarify their intention for one of their masters (Peymon).
  3. May 15, 2003 IRS summons Peymon Mottahedeh to come and meet the IRS. Obviously, this summons was hastily issued after Peymon did not attend the arbitrarily set meeting that they demanded without giving Peymon a chance to check his availability. Also, why do these IRS agents want Peymon to produce these documents? Because they think they are our masters and can bully us around. Especially when most of us do not know how to stand up to them, so they get away by abusing their power and violating our rights and privacy.
  4. May 29, 2003 Response of Peymon’s IRS Summons for May 29, 2003. Again, Peymon is calling the bluff of the threatening sounding language in the IRS summons, where the IRS demands all kinds of records from Peymon. In addition, Peymon is asking more questions of his public servants in the IRS about what these agents are up to.
  5. June 25, 2003 Retreat letter of the IRS. In this letter, the IRS backed off from their erroneous labeling of Peymon as an abusive tax shelter promoter. This is the last letter Peymon has received from the IRS. Based on this apology and backing off of IRS, Peymon did not inquire further with the matter. IRS never attempted to take Peymon to Court since Peymon had shown his willingness to meet with these public servants (yes, they are our public servants and we, the American People are their masters). Also, the IRS admitted that the entire scenario of their writing and Summoning Peymon was based on false assumptions and conclusions as stated in this letter.

You can also beat the IRS, as Peymon, President of Freedom Law School has done. Sometimes you will beat them without going to court and sometimes you will need to go to court to get them off of your back or to obtain compensation for damages they might’ve cost you.It has been said before: “Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.” That statement is truer today than ever! We invite you to learn about the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, your state’s Constitution, your State and Federal Laws, the legal procedures that these public servants must followso that you can defend your rights and freedom from abusive and out of control government agents and officials.For further information of Freedom Law School, contact us at the following number:(813) 444-4800or take a look at the various courses and freedom packages that we offer on our website at