Freedom Law Theory Suggestions

Did you come across a freedom law theory that you are convinced has the 100% fool-proof answer to stopping the IRS scam, and you are convinced Freedom Law School ought to adopt and teach this theory? Do any of these theories sound familiar? NESARA, birth certificate-related theories, sovereignty, common law theories, UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) theories, Yellow-fringed flag theories, Admiralty/Maritime/Statutory court jurisdiction theories, revocation of election, et cetera?

Before you risk your money, assets, and freedom on such legal theories, take a few minutes to consider the following:

  1. If someone claims that the moon is made of cheese... Who has the burden of proof? You, or the person claiming that the moon is made of cheese? The moon does have a cheesy appearance, so it might be made of cheese! Can the burden of proof, therefore, be thrust upon you to prove that the moon is not made of cheese?
  2. Similarly, it is up to someone who teaches a legal theory to prove. For example, the “birth certificate” theory; not for you to disprove their theory, even though it may “seem to make sense” or actually “makes sense”, “feels right”, or you now “believe” the theory to be true.
  3. Please keep your emotions and belief and faith out of this. This is a simple matter of the other party proving their claims before you invest your time, money, and freedom in their theory.
  4. Peymon Mottahedeh, the founder and president of Freedom Law School, has successfully required such proofs for over 28 years. He has never been imprisoned or even charged by the IRS. Do you realize how unique that is? No leader in the history of the Tax Freedom movement has ever been left free or remained in business and out of prison while exposing IRS scam/fraud for 10 years! …except Peymon, who has done so for over 25 years!
  5. Here is the link to one of these “patriot/freedom leaders” who promoted some of these baseless patriot mythologies. Eddie Kahn not only got a lot of people like you in trouble, but he also was sent to prison. Peymon knew Eddie and his wife personally since the mid-1990s and tried to warn Eddie that he was teaching baseless nonsense. Eddie did not listen to Peymon and was convicted, not just once, but twice, and was sent to prison for 30 years. This is the man who misled actor Wesley Snipes with patriot mythologies, landing Snipes in prison on federal income tax charges. See
  6. Here is the link to a “sovereign citizen” theory promoter who a couple of years ago got 38 years in prison (practically a life sentence) for believing and practicing his own baseless patriot mythologies:

Do you think you ought to have the Patriot Mythology person you came across PROVE their legal  theories BEFORE you believe/buy them?