IRS Proof

If you file income tax returns, your chances of going to prison are 10 times higher than if you do nothing!

  • According to IRS data (shown below), in 2018 the IRS sentenced 2,111 people to federal prison for all “tax and financial crimes” (filers and nonfilers combined), yet only 104 of those Americans had not filed income tax ‘confession’ forms (1040, etc.).
  • This works out to a higher than 1 in 75,000 chance* of going to prison for filing income taxes, versus a less than 1 in 750,000 chance** of going to prison if you did not file!
  • Do you want to increase your odds of going to prison by 10 times? Then go ahead and file an IRS Form 1040 or other income tax ‘confession’ form! ("Return".) (See this page.)
  • If instead you want to reduce your risk by more than 90%, stop filing!
  • And if you want to reduce your risk to ZERO, let Freedom Law School enlighten, educate, empower, & support you with the truth about the law and your rights, send our Petitions to Congress and join our Royal Freedom Package!
  • * 150 million filers / 2,007 sentenced = ~75,000;
  • ** 80 million non-filers / 104 sentenced = ~750,000.

You can find this information and more, for yourself, at The Official IRS WebsiteNeed more proof? Check out "IRS: The Real Paper Tiger" by CLICKING HERE!The amazing truth is that doing nothing on April 15th is less risky than signing an IRS 1040 income tax 'confession' form, stating “under penalty of perjury” (which means they can throw you in prison if you make a mistake) that everything on the 1040 Confession Form is true, correct and complete!