Judicial Conspiracy to Protect Income Tax


This is a legal appeal brief (called a Writ of Certiorari) to the US Supreme Court, from a defendant who lost his income tax case with a US District Court and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit had affirmed the lower court’s decision. He prepared this petition asking the US Supreme Court to correct the obvious, irrefutable, corrupt, criminal lies of the 5th Circuit Court, who knowingly and deliberately claimed that the 16th amendment of the US Constitution allowed US Congress to impose a direct income tax on American People in the 50 states, without having divided up the tax among states to collect (called "apportionment" among the states).

The US Supreme Court in the Brushaber case said the opposite of what the 5th Circuit court claims the US Supreme Court actually said! The Brushaber decision stated that, 1) the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution did not grant Congress any new taxing powers, and 2) the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution did not remove the requirement that all direct taxes (like income tax on people of the 50 states) must be divided up among the states for the states to collect and hand over to the US Government.

The criminal, outlaw, communist/socialist judges of the Federal Courts of Appeal (and US District and US Tax Courts) knowingly and deliberately ignore the clear rulings of the US Supreme Court of about 100 years ago. These US judges do this in order to avoid the need to declare the whole Income Tax system, as applied in the 50 States of the Union, to be a huge scam and a giant fraud on the unsuspecting American People, which has been happening for over 70 years!

The US Supreme Court does not want to lie through their teeth, upsetting and overturning a bunch of other previous US Supreme Court decisions, mainly from about 100 years ago, that are consistent with the Brushaber decision. Doing that would create great legal chaos.

The US Supreme Court's part in keeping the Income Tax scam against the unsuspecting Americans in the 50 states going, is to not grant the Certiorari (not accept the appeal from the 5th Circuit Court's decision), letting the lying, corrupt criminal decision of the 5th Circuit stand.

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