Tax Delinquent List

Did you know in your state there may be something called a "tax delinquent list" that is meant to publicly shame those that are behind on taxes?It may also be known as a:-Tax Roll-Tax Forfeiture Listor-Tax Assessor's RollConnecticut was the first to launch this, in 1995, and several states have joined the party since.The goal in this is to increase rate of payment, when they cannot get ahold of people or businesses, by using public embarrassment. According to studies, it increases rate of payment by 12% in the first 10 weeks of being placed on the list and letters of the list being sent out. HOWEVER, that statistic is only for those in the lower bracket (owing less than $2700) ( that, the government is allowed to publicly embarrass it's people, in order to demand payment on taxes that aren't even due legally in the first place! ABUSIVE behavior by the government, once again.