What Happens If I Make A Mistake On My Taxes?

Unfortunately, when you sign a 10-40 form, you are agreeing that the information you are providing is complete, and 100% accurate. Otherwise, you’ll be held accountable for PERJURY.

That means, if you make a mistake, you could be facing a 5 year vacation to prison.

In fact, this tax court JUDGE Kroupa actually got sentenced to 34 months in prison for “tax evasion.”

So, how do you avoid making a mistake?

Even the best of the best accountants can make a tax mistake, take an illegal deduction, miss some paperwork, not have received a document that would contribute to their income.

So while there is no way to avoid a MISTAKE, you can certainly avoid signing yourself off to perjury. How? By not signing 10-40 forms.

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