Why 1040 Income Tax Confession Filers Hang Themselves

[headline style="1" font_size="20" font_font="Droid%20Sans" font_style="bold" font_color="%23000000" align="center" headline_tag="h2"]FILERS PUT THE BURDEN OF PROOF ON THEMSELVES AND SINK LIKE THE TITANIC[/headline]Pick up the phone book. Call all the tax lawyers in your area or throughout the country. Feel free to Call H & R Block or The National Audit and Defense people. Tell them that you will sign any IRS and state tax confession forms they give you to sign. However, before you sign, you want them to GUARANTEE they will write ALL letters to the IRS and your state tax agency for you. They must agree to handle ALL audits, summons, hearings and even Tax Court with FULL REPRESENTATION with competent paralegals and attorneys.Tell them to give you courses, books, audio cd’s, cassettes, and videos that will educate you about taxes, laws, your rights, and their strategies in SIMPLE ENGLISH (INSTEAD OF THE USUAL LAWYER GEEK SPEEK) so you understand what they will be doing for you.Offer to sign every government form they ask you to, but in case the government comes after you in an attempt to prison you for "tax crimes" and questions your 1040 Income Tax Confession forms, ask if they WILL DEFEND YOU IN COURT AND THROUGH ALL THE APPEALS, ALL THE WAY UP TO THE U.S. SUPREME COURT? Moreover, will they pay for ALL the attorneys’ fees and court expenses?Offer to pay them a FIXED $5,000 per year for this ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND PACKAGE FROM IRS TYRANNY you are requesting. See how many of them, at $5,000 per year, will do it. I bet even at $20,000 per year you won't find anybody that will do this. Do you know why?The answer is because the act of filling out and signing a 1040 income tax confession form is the most insidious act of SELF-ENSLAVEMENT that exists today! You see, when you sign the 1040 Income Tax Confession form you state UNDER OATH, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY (which means throw me in prison if I lie) that EVERYTHING on the form is TRUE, CORRECT AND COMPLETE!!!Whoa, that is a pretty tall order. Most people do NOT understand what they are signing. They hope and pray that the IRS will not pick on their 1040 confession form and use it against them. The IRS can pick on anybody's 1040 confession form and force you to defend yourself at a jury trial for a 5 year FELONY TAX EVASION CHARGE under section 7201 of the IRS Code!The IRS will BLOW UP your 1040 confession form before the jury, point to your signature above the line that, under oath, you declared that EVERYTHING ON THE 1040 INCOME TAX CONFESSION FORM IS TRUE, CORRECT, AND COMPLETE. The IRS will tell the jury that your innocent mistake wasn’t innocent at all, but instead was a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO CHEAT AND NOT PAY YOUR “FAIR SHARE” OF MUTUAL SLAVERY (INCOME TAXES!)As a filer, you have NO DEFENSE, except that your mistake was an "honest mistake." You are sitting in the criminal defendant's chair and the jury already thinks of you as a criminal. Otherwise, why would our wonderful prosecutors who are here to protect us from bad guys come after you?!! In effect, as a filer, you have the burden of PROVING YOUR INNOCENCE!You are toast! According to the IRS, every year they convict about 2220 people of “Tax Crimes”. However, only about 220 non-filers are convicted. That leaves about 2000 FILERS WHO ARE CONVICTED OF TAX CRIMES! This is the first part of the reason why NO ONE ELSE offers what we offer. Filers have a far larger chance of coming under attack by the IRS and we have hardly a defense to offer them.Moreover, suppose you filed a 1040 Income Tax confession form and confessed your receipt of $200,000 in your business. Then you claim $120,000 of business expenses and $30,000 in other various deductions. You now pay income tax based on the remaining $50,000 of income that you think are taxable.Now if you are one of the unfortunate souls who the IRS picks on and audits, the IRS will say, "O.K. buddy, we will gladly accept your confession that you received at least $200,000 in gross receipts, but demand that YOU PROVE ALL OF YOUR EXPENSES WITH CANCELLED CHECK, RECEIPTS AND STATEMENTS FROM YOU AND YOUR WITNESSES, UNDER OATH!" All the IRS has to do is sit back and pick on you for not having all of your receipts and cancelled checks well organized to satisfy "MASTER IRS."That is how the IRS has become the new "Master" and we have become his "slave". That is why 1040 Income Tax FILERS are DEATHLY AFRAID OF “MASTER IRS!” The fillers have PUT THE BURDEN OF PROVING ALL OF THEIR EXPENSES AND DEDUCTIONS ON THEMSELVES, WHILE RELIEVING THE IRS OF HAVING TO PROVE YOUR GROSS RECEIPTS, when filling out and signing the 1040 income tax confession form!!However the non-filer world is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. First of all, at Freedom Law School we do not tell any one what to do. We educate them so that they can make better-informed decisions. We help them write their "lawmakers" and ask their lawmakers to show where the findings of former IRS Special Investigator Joe Banister and We the People Foundation (who the IRS has repeatedly failed to refute) is wrong. We tell people to react based on their lawmakers’ response. If they can refute Banister and We the People Foundation, then file a 1040 Income Tax Confession form.If the lawmakers cannot show you how their laws make you liable for a tax, then why would you want to pay such a tax? Moreover, the non-filer has the defense of "willfulness" available to him. The Government must PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that the non-filer BELIEVED that he had a requirement to file a 1040 income tax confession form and then KNOWING AND BELIEVING HE HAS A DUTY TO FILE, failed to file. If the person sincerely believes that they are not liable for the tax and the jury at least is not sure about his sincere belief, MUST acquit him!Further more, when it comes to the non filers, whether the IRS claims that your "income" was $40,000 or $400,000 o $40,000,000, or other amounts, THE IRS HAS THE BURDEN OF PROOF to come forward with admissible evidence to show that you received the alleged amount. Now you can sit back and pick on the IRS' so-called evidence and TELL THE IRS, PROVE IT!!!.The IRS makes a lot of mistakes, makes up phony numbers out of thin air and often attempts to use hearsay evidence, like computer printouts and photocopies. This huge, bumbling and bureaucratic dinosaur is easy to beat IF YOU LEAVE THE BURDEN OF PROOF ON THE IRS BY NOT CONFESSING ON YOURSELF!Wow, what a difference between one who has confessed on himself (with a 1040 confession form) and those who have not. Isn't it a lot easier and cheaper to be in combat with an adversary when the BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON YOUR OPPONENT? Well, the IRS designers were very aware of this paradigm. That is why the IRS (and their lap dog major media) tells people to FILE, even if you do not have the money to pay the IRS now.In effect they are telling the person, "Confess, confess to how much you owe us, so we don't have to come forward to prove it. We will collect from you later, somehow, but confess to the amount you owe anyway! With 63 million non-filers (as of 1996, per the IRS), the IRS HAS LOST CONTROL OVER A LARGE CHUNK OF THE American People! They do not want to work any harder than they have to.Since the IRS spends less than $1 per $1,000 of income, they are severely limited as to what they cover. 63 million non-filers is a huge number. The IRS DOES NOT HAVE THE BUDGET to go after even a small percentage of this group. The fact that the BURDEN OF PROOF for non-filer cases is on the IRS makes this burden even more odious for the IRS!This is why we generally do not cover filers. NO ONE PROVIDES THIS KIND OF PROTECTIONS TO FILERS! AT ANY PRICE!!!However, we will provide our coverage for a limited number of filers. We have not put this on our web site yet, but will do so in the near future. Here are the conditions that we place on filers to include them in our UNLIMITED CONSULTATION AND REPRESENTATION coverage:1) We do not fill out and sign the 1040 Income Tax confession forms or the state income tax confession forms. 1040 Income Tax confession form preparers are often targeted by the IRS for filling out these forms if the IRS at its arbitrary whim decides that they do not like or approve of the way they were filled out. The person must fill out his own 1040 and state income tax confession form if that is what he wants to do.2) The covered filers MUST send us a notarized copy of his 1040 confession form along with ALL supporting cancelled checks, receipts of his alleged expenses and deductions, as well as the list of persons and companies that can prove their deductions and expenses as authentic, along with the phone number and address of such persons and companies to Freedom Law School, so that in case of attack by the IRS we have the PROOF of the citizen's claims available for production to the IRS or the court.