Student Testimonials

John & Darline N.

From myself, and on behalf of my wife Darline I would like to proclaim my thanks for the value of your array of services over the past many years. Whether counseling on abusive taxation issues to Traffic Court or personal health advice you and the affiliated associates have always been there for me and Darline.

Many years ago, in the mid 2000s era, in the Southern California Patriot Community the word within various patriot meet up groups, was that FLS was too expensive. Though I struggled for a couple of years whether to, or not, affiliate with FLS; it now appears to me as starkly obvious, that it was the right decision on a matter consistent with God based ideological-philosophical principals as well as financially.

Peymon, over the past year I have reviewed many of your YouTube testimonials which are both professional and personal. This has increased my knowledge regarding philosophical as well as the taxation issues. Though I'm not qualified to critique you on the taxation issue; I am in the receipt of the value you in turn have provided to me (us) and to the extent it has thus far fended-off the "bad guys." For that I am very grateful. Additionally you show your convictions, in that what you are doing is for the benefits and well being for others. Naturally as a consequence, in reciprocation I continue my affiliation with FLS.

Your genuine professional caring for others, is something of which I can attest to personally.

Jim H.

The IRS came after me about 2 years ago. I called Peymon, and counseled with him. My case went through tax "court" and the "judge" said the US should collect from me. However, the US ATTY in charge of the case had been sufficiently impressed with my submission to the court (thanks to Peymon's help) that she laid the case aside and didn't pursue it, although the judge had said to collect!

Steve Hempfling

Cofounder and Director of Free Enterprise Society

Great job! Freedom Law School classes are so well organized to help the "new comer" as well as the experienced to learn law and enjoy freedom - right now!

Bill Drexler

Former Minnesota Judge

Freedom Law School provides the best short course on law, your rights and how to regain them. Keep up the great work!

Rod D.

Every American should have some law education in this day and age. If you don't know what your rights are, you don't have any. Freedom Law School gives you the tools to assert your rights.

Tom Y.

Freedom Law School will educate you to be able to defend your rights and help keep us all free!

Bill S.

Even if you never need to use the information gained through Freedom Law School, just having it makes the classes invaluable and more than worth the tuition! Definitely not a dry, boring class!

Kimberly M.

Thanks for helping me become aware of the law and my rights. This money has been well spent and you deserve to have it. I am sure that I will be taking LEVEL II classes.

Matt P.

Taking these classes has made me more confident when dealing with the court system and the taxing agencies. I no longer fear receiving a letter from them! Now I feel like I can put them on the defense!

Nan Diamond

Thanks, Peymon, and it was really a pleasure to get to meet and talk with you. Thanks for being in the freedom movement. Your truth and honesty is much appreciated.

Wayne Stein

It was a great pleasure for myself and my wife Nadine to spend the day with you at the Philadelphia seminar. You have chosen a difficult road to travel and we admire your courage. I'm now enjoying your level one course tape by tape and after listening to each one five times or whatever it takes I'll send for level two. I enjoy your teaching style and organizational skills very much.