We the American people outnumber them 100,000 to 1.

There are only 31 Tax Judges in the whole United States.
Its absolutely impossible for them to go after 80 Million innocent non-filers!

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U.S. Senator Henry Bellmon's quote from 1969 about the IRS:

"In a recent conversation with an official of the IRS, I was amazed when he told me, 'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will collapse!!!"

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Since 2015, the IRS has formally chosen to leave repeat non-filers alone!

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The IRS collects over


from every filer that files a
1040 Tax "Confession" form

The IRS collects


from every filer that
does not file a
1040 Tax "Confession" form

If you were the IRS, which would YOU choose to go after?

Back in 1996 IRS said there were 63 million Americans who the IRS stated should have filed 1040 income tax "confession" forms, but did not do so.

In 2023, the number is around 80 Million.

Are 80 million Americans in prison for not filing 1040 income tax "confession" forms?

80 Million people whose paychecks, bank accounts and homes are in danger of being taken by the IRS?

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Source: Go to page 194 from the Taxpayer Advocate Service

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Source: Go to page 19 from "High-Income Nonfilers ... Are Not Being Worked by the IRS"

The IRS is imploding, watch the video below for a full presentation.

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Why the IRS hiring 87,000 new employees
is not a big deal whatsoever!

Why the IRS cannot simply
if you know how to challenge them!

The IRS must follow certain rules and regulations, and must first give you the chance for a hearing or trial of some sort before stealing your property. Sounds too good to be true? Watch the video for more details on how you can take control back!

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