Free Yourself from Income Tax
Slavery with these 7 Steps

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Follow the Law

Based on the official legal websites of the U.S. Government:
NO LAW requires 99% of Americans to file and pay income taxes.

See the proof in this 9-minute video and start your journey to LIVE FREE NOW from IRS Deception, Robbery, and Slavery!

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STOP Filing Income Tax Forms

When YOU sign an IRS Form 1040 Income Tax "confession", YOU claim that YOU owe the IRS money!
YOU are putting the IRS noose around YOUR neck!

YOU give the IRS Power to:

Audit YOU

Empty YOUR

Bank Account

Steal YOUR



in Prison!

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Realize that the IRS is Mostly Bluff!

  • The IRS is a failed government agency! They are not as powerful as they once seemed.
  • According to government reports, since 2011, there has been a 90% decrease in forced collections (levies).
  • Since 2016, the IRS has deliberately chosen to leave repeat non-filers alone.
  • Why? For every $1 that the IRS spends on filers, the IRS collects $340, whereas for the same $1 spent on non-filers, the IRS only collects $2.

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Join the Restore Freedom Plan

For modern-day Founding Fathers of America
the privilege of Lifetime Guarantee is available.
YOU can enjoy our Lifetime Guarantee, when YOU legally stop filing and paying income taxes! As long as YOU are a member of the Restore Freedom Plan, Freedom Law School will prevent the IRS from levying YOUR money or Freedom Law School will reimburse YOU!

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