STOP Filing Income Tax Forms

Do you believe that filing an IRS 1040 income tax form is the SAFE way to avoid IRS audits and keep yourself out of PRISON?

If you do, THINK AGAIN!

The safest way to have the IRS leave you alone is to not file any 1040 income tax confession trap forms!

When you file a 1040 income tax form or any federal tax form, you give up the right to your most private and sensitive financial information to the IRS. The IRS can then use these documents as evidence against you in a court of law, which can then force you to prove all expenses, deductions and credits that you claimed on your tax form. If you cannot prove such expenses, deductions and credits, you will end up paying a lot more money to the IRS, or even be sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

You open yourself up to three separate tax crime charges for each IRS 1040 form or other document that you file with the IRS:

  1. Attempting to evade or defeat tax (tax evasion), sending you to prison for up to 5 years for each 1040 form or other document, per Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 7201.
  2. Various forms of "fraud and false statements", sending you to prison for up to 3 years for each 1040 form or other document, per IRC § 7206.
  3. Filing fraudulent returns, statements, or other documents, sending you to prison for up to 1 year for each 1040 form or other document, per IRC § 7207.

This can add up to 9 years for each IRS 1040 income tax form or other tax document. Since the IRS usually waits until a taxpayer has filed several years of income tax forms before charging them, this can easily add up to more years in prison than the maximum sentence of many violent crime laws.

You also give up your Fifth Amendment constitutional right to be silent and not give any information to the government that they could use to put you in prison.

"The Fifth Amendment declares in part that 'No person ... shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.'  ...

"The privilege afforded not only extends to answers that would in themselves support a conviction under a federal criminal statute, but likewise embraces those which would furnish a link in the chain of evidence needed to prosecute the claimant for a federal crime."

The quote above is from the U.S. Supreme Court case Hoffman v. United States 341 U.S. 479, 485-486 (1951). Click here to view the full document.

By contrast, if you do not file a 1040 income tax "confession trap" form, there is much less chance (which you'll see in Step 3) that the IRS may charge you with "willful failure to file a tax return" under IRC § 7203, which carries a potential one-year prison term.

Despite this threat, you cannot be convicted of "willful failure to file" charges when:

  1. you can show that you have relied on the official legal websites of the U.S. government to conclude that you are not required to file and pay federal income, self-employment, or payroll taxes,
  2. you wrote to your federal lawmakers asking whether they can show you that you are in error and show you the law that requires you to file and pay federal income taxes, and
  3. your federal lawmakers were unable to show you that you are in error.

Freedom Law School makes this protection available for you to do on your own (Step 5), or we will do it for you as part of your Restore Freedom Plan membership benefits (Step 6).

You unwittingly increase your chances of going to prison for taxes when you sign under penalties of perjury that your 1040 form is "true, correct, and complete".

When you sign an IRS Form 1040 Income Tax "confession trap" Form, you state under oath that you owe the IRS money!

Take former U.S. Tax Court Judge Diane L. Kroupa for example. When the IRS came after Judge Kroupa, she did not even try to put up a defense and go to trial. Instead, she pled guilty to reduce her sentence to "only" 34 months.

Judge Kroupa's Conviction

If, like Judge Kroupa, you file IRS Form 1040 income tax "confession" forms, your chances of going to
prison are over 10 times higher than if you do not file!

For the proof, click here.

Now you've trapped yourself! It's their rope, but you voluntarily put it around your own neck!

Do not be like Judge Kroupa!

Filing will give the IRS the power to put you in prison. It's very easy to avoid!

Joe Banister ( was a former Special Agent with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) who became a student of Freedom Law and published a book exposing the IRS's deception of the American people. He quit the IRS in 1999 to expose the IRS's scam on the American people. Mr. Banister told Peymon Mottahedeh, president of Freedom Law School, that:

"Whenever, at CID, we wanted to go after somebody, one of the first things that we did as a standard procedure was to request a copy of that person's previously filed tax returns so that we could use the information on those tax returns against them. However, when I wanted to talk to somebody about investigating him, I had to tell him that he had the right to remain silent and give me no information."

The following statistics from IRS Data Books show that over 93% of the people the IRS puts in prison are actually filers.

An estimated 80 million Americans whom the IRS expects to file and pay income taxes do not file. The number of filers in 2023 was only about twice that at 168 million. This proves that not filing is far safer than filing!

The IRS is absolutely reliant on YOU to voluntarily agree to be a tax slave by filing a 1040 income tax "confession" form and admitting you owe the IRS $$$$.

Former IRS Commissioners agree that 1040 forms are taxpayer confession forms:

Fred Goldberg

Charles Rossotti

"What’s critical here is that substantially all of the revenue increase does not come from IRS audits--it comes from taxpayers ... when they file their returns."

Bloomberg Article

Risks and "Benefits" of Filing an IRS Form 1040 Income Tax "Confession"

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The internal code jungle is so complex that may different CPA's and tax specialist disagree about what information should go on your 1040 income tax confession form that you will sign under penalty of perjury and can go to prison for up to nine years for each 1040 form that they make mistakes on.

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Don't give your power away to the IRS by filing 1040 Income Tax forms

You have more power against the IRS than you realize!

In this presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School, shows how the IRS uses bluff to deceive you into filing 1040 income tax "confession" forms. The IRS is extremely weak and powerless to come after non-filers.

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